After the completion of the customs procedures of your household goods, Air/Land/Sea transportation is realized upto the customs unit in the country you are going to.

Air Transportation

Transportation performed by Air are realized to the related customs unit of your delivery address by the contracted Airway companies. Our Network office in the relevant country will arrange the fulfilment of the entry customs procedures and delivery services for your household goods to your home address from the customs unit.

Sea Transportation

Transportation arranged by Sea is realized using Partial (LCL), 20DC, 40DC, 40HC Containers by the contracted Shipping companies to the port nearest to your delivery address. Our Network office in the relevant country will arrange the fulfilment of the customs procedures for your household goods and provide delivery services of the containers from the port to your home address.

Container Volume Measurement Table – Internal Dimensions
  Length Width Height Total
LCL Partial 2,20 m 1,15 m 2,00 m 5.00 cbm
20 ‘DC Conatiner 5,90 m 2,35 m 2,39 m 33.00 cbm
40 ‘DC Container 12,03 m 2,35 m 2,38 m 67.00 cbm
40 ‘Hi-Cube Container 12,03 m 2,35 m 2,69 m 76.00 cbm

Containers are used depending on the volume of your household goods, shipping by LCL will be more economical for your household goods that have small volume. When LCL shipments are performed, in order to avoid any damage or loss to your household goods safety of the shipment is provided by loading your household goods to container in specially produced cases.

Disinfected containers are taken from the port and brought to your home address. Your household goods that are very carefully packed and listed by our team get loaded in the container, sealed under our control and shipped to the port.

Land Transportation

Land transportation is realized by specially designed for shipment of household goods vehicles which are owned by our company.

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